1. ok the redneck smelly kid on my bus needs to be kicked off

    it literally smelled like shit in here and when he got off it didnt anymore


  2. these stupid kids think they’ll actually get a job

    ahahaha i cant even get one and im an adult


  3. "I love arrows. I’m gonna make such a great dad."
    — Clint Barton (via incorrectmarvelquotes)
  4. yusunf:

    don’t play assassin’s creed you will end up like this

    (via element1414)


  5. i am sweating so much from the firesuit even an hour after taking it off ow

  6. goddamn firesuits are like a furnace

    we have to get all the stuff on within 60 seconds which is very difficult when you’ve only done it for the first time today


  7. only 2 more hours til school is over

    im tired but no migraine!!!


  8. so i went over my data limit and now my data speed has been reduced

    but it only makes images load a liiiitle bit slower than usual


  9. the house is so quiet in the morning i love it


  10. yay my class goes to the store today and i have some money for maybe a coke and beef jerky

    regular school though is shit