1. it’s official i have premiere day tickets to see guardians of the galaxy IM GONNA PISS IM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED


  2. mom looked for a laptop desk for me but the only one she found was made of wood

    i’m not picky i just don’t want termites


  3. i found a sandwich

    i don’t know what’s in it but it tastes good

  4. nelsonkirsten: Funny. No one offered to give us a tour. #homebase

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  5. thatthingtheysaid:

    Men are just, we’re just simple. A, B, C, D. Every woman I have ever met? A, B, F, parentheses, circle, yellow, sky, plane, car, bunny, kitten.

    Christopher Titus


  6. awwwwwww fuck it’s 21 and over only

    hopefully the dvd will be out by then


  7. christopher titus is coming to pittsburgh in september 

    i need to go


  8. he’s awake now and cleaning himself awww

  9. the bae

    now his mouth is moving omg


  10. i guess he’s having a dream since his legs are twitching

    cats are amazing