1. dean might shed tomorrow! also i applied to an ice cream place!


  2. im sick and tired

    not of anything but i am legit sick


  3. winter-fallen:

    Ok, another giveaway is starting as promised.

    Next up for grabs are these:

    2 copies of Marvel The Art of Captain America - The Winter Soldier

    This is a brand new 200+ page glossy color/b&w book with lots of great pictures of the production/design of the movie.



  4. ewwww this obnoxious couple is on my bus help


  5. my history teacher isnt here and we’re just doin’ work well im not cause im done ahahaHAha


  6. playin’ online chess with some 30-something yearold

    ugggh he takes so long to move


  7. it’s one a.m.


  8. so first match on chess.com i won and the next one was a draw!! progress!!


  9. i just spent 2 hours playing online chess

    yes i lost every time but i am getting a bit better

    musicals are really influencing my hobbies


  10. i am tired but im very energetic now

    ja feel?