1. vanillish:

    other people during winter:




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  2. yay im finally at votech

    my teacher aint gonna be here tomorrow so thats jawsome


  3. aw yeah i nailed my solos in band


  4. ugh this loud bitch wont shut up

    i hate freshmen


  5. when i get home im going to bed right away

    im actually excited for it

  6. i hate school yo


  7. Anonymous said: I hate you and ALL of the assassins cread fans your all half-baked



    I knew I would need to use this picture one day so

    Hey Mom, if you see this, that’s the guy I dressed up as for school.

  8. thalasiccus:

    have some delsin

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  9. agentoftheorder:


    You don’t know how much someone is worth to you

    until you sell them


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  10. areyoutryingtodeduceme:

    I wasn’t happy with the original Punk!Tony Stark I had done so I finally just reinked it and redrew entire parts of it all together. I need to quit drawing people wearing shoes I wish I had. Tony those shoes are not work shoes.

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